Exhibitions and Events

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The following is a ‘first cut’ outline of the likely programme for 2019
events and dates may well change, but if you have a particular event in mind, this programme may assist you in finding a suitable opportunity.
Closed from January through to mid March
Late March to 17th April currently available – both galleries
19th April – 6th May – members’ photographic exhibition – both galleries
7th May – 14th May currently available – both galleries
16th May – 29th May – Creative Cairngorms – main gallery only
small gallery potentially available 16th – 29th May
1st – 29th June – Highlife Highland Exhibition – Throw Up 20.18 four artists – four shinty clubs – a visual celebration of shinty – main gallery only
(may move to July) small gallery available apart from last week, but may also be July
July 1st two weeks – Members’ Textile Exhibition – whole gallery
July last two weeks – Exhibition of the work of the late David Douglas
(both the above may move to June)
August 1st two weeks – Badenoch Heritage Exhibition – whole gallery
August last two weeks – Members’ Summer Festival of Art – whole gallery
September – Highlife Highland Flow Exhibition – main gallery only
small gallery available in September
October onwards currently available – both galleries



This year, we are actively encouraging community and group bookings for the gallery spaces – not just for artistic purposes, but also for meetings, workshops or even small scale performance events. We are pleased to announce the following bookings already made for gallery space and will be happy to discuss any other possibilities.

Generally, the gallery is not open for exhibitions until noon, leaving the mornings potentially available, and evenings will also be available in normal circumstances.

If you have a need for space for a community use, or private event, give David Fallows a call on 01540 673966, or email fallows412@btinternet.com 
Please bear in mind that we only have large scale seating or open space available when there are no exhibition bookings, and that the gallery has neither a liquor nor entertainments licence n its own right, so all food and drink must be not for sale and provided to invitees only, whilst if an entertainments licence is required for your event, obtaining one will be your own responsibility and cost. (this latter condition may change in future)


2nd Monday of every month – Kingussie Community Council – evenings