Exhibitions and Events

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 SBSA Annual Christmas Fair.
Open Thursday 28th November to Sunday 1st December. 

Exhibition and sale of original arts and crafts made by members of the SBSA.
Opening times to be decided later.

AND FOR 2020 …..
Saturday March 21st to Sunday March 29th
10am to 5pm
Preview Friday 20th 6.30pm-8.30pm
Small Gallery –
‘CREATING SPACE’ – An exhibition by Jude Craig 

Kingussie High School Exhibition
15th to 22nd April

Members’ Photographic Exhibition
25th April to 10th May

Small Gallery Hire
As usual, there will be a number of dates where the small gallery is available for hire. The concessionary rate of just £50 per week (set up Sunday, open Monday to Saturday) will be available for members, though when the small gallery is hired, the hirer(s) must now man, or arrange manning for each day. Members will be expected to also supervise any Highlife Highland exhibition which is on in the main gallery, but not any private main gallery exhibition. 

The small gallery will also be available at times when no exhibitions are in the main gallery.

Non members can also hire the small gallery, but at a weekly rate of £70. To qualify as a member for small gallery hire you MUST have paid your membership by the AGM on March 29th. You can hire as an individual, or as a group, either for arts or for crafts but note that if any one or more members of your group are not SBSA members, the non member rate will apply.

Bookings should be made to Dave Fallows using the form downloadable from the website with 50% payment on booking (via cheque or bank transfer) but check the website for latest information on dates available.

Dates can be reserved by email to badenochandstratharts@gmail.com

If booking more than one week concurrently, the intervening Sunday is available for you to open without additional charge.



This year, we are actively encouraging community and group bookings for the gallery spaces – not just for artistic purposes, but also for meetings, workshops or even small scale performance events. We are pleased to announce the following bookings already made for gallery space and will be happy to discuss any other possibilities.

Generally, the gallery is not open for exhibitions until noon, leaving the mornings potentially available, and evenings will also be available in normal circumstances.

If you have a need for space for a community use, or private event, give David Fallows a call on 01540 673966, or email badenochandstratharts@gmail.com

Please bear in mind that we only have large scale seating or open space available when there are no exhibition bookings, and that the gallery has neither a liquor nor entertainments licence n its own right, so all food and drink must be not for sale and provided to invitees only, whilst if an entertainments licence is required for your event, obtaining one will be your own responsibility and cost. (this latter condition may change in future)